Wednesday, September 13, 2006

To Die in San Hilario

As my profile suggests, I'm not the biggest fan of film. I am, however, a big fan of a good story well told. Last night I saw To Die in San Hilario (Morir en San Hilario) at The Dukes cinema in Lancaster. It's a Spanish film about a small town which fails to turn up on the map, whose railway stop is a level crossing with a sign held by one of the residents and who has a long history of providing spectacular, bespoke funerals. The story is a simple one of redemption and love, and it is beautifully told, with wonderful Garbriel Garcia Marquez-esque moments like the sad Berta whose tears produce flowers and a melting heart. Each person who sees it seems to be brought to tears a different times. Unlike mainstream Hollywood films, the stars aren't perfect. The female star is a an attractive middle aged woman with a normal, though very slim, body and the male star is positively stodgy. It makes no difference as the story is just so lovely. If you have a chance to see To Die in San Hilario, do!

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