Monday, July 14, 2008

David Lean Centenary

Carnforth Station Visitor Centre is celebrating the centenary of the birth of David Lean, director of the wonderful Dr Zhivago amongst many, many others.
I was commissioned to produce banners, a time line and two boards, one with photos taken on the set of Brief Encounter (shot in part on the station) and one with details of Lean's other great films. Below are three photos of the banners and the latter two boards. Alas, the time line has been so popular (I hope) that I've not been able to get a clear shot of the time line display, which is a three metre long display of three boards, all very nice.
(please keep in mind, I'm no photographer!)

I hope to get a picture of the timeline when I next visit the station to discuss the next project, The Age of Steam, display up from August 4 2008.
Thanks to Sheila for commissioning this work, and Robin for mounting it.

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