Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Prison Project Posters

In addition to literature events and publishing, Litfest produces a programme of projects in the general community – or in this case just outside of the general community. Projects Manager Catherine Sadler has sweat blood to organise education projects in a number of prisons in Lancashire, bringing writers and artists in to work with inmates, from young people to high security prisoners. As a part of this, I was asked to produce an eye catching A3 poster which would stand out on busy notice boards.

Catherine suggested the Radio, Radio, I suspect because she had been listening to a bit of Elvis Costello, and I just kind of took it from there. My approach to this kind of project is produce something colourful, bright and professional, something a good solid step up from the usual institutional work you might find in places like prisons. Its not just to get noticed, but in the hope it might have some small affect on spirits.

This is the third poster I've designed for this kind of work. The first was for a photography project for young people on parole organised by Folly Gallery (a microscope image of a fly in the cross hairs of a camera lens) and the second for a writing project involving Litfest, a Lancashire Prisons and Central Lancaster University (below), which was adapted for the book cover.

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