Saturday, November 29, 2008

Litfest08 Publicity

Another Litfest has come and gone. But this year we were designing for a longer term project, a full, year long programme. In the past, Litfest has used red as it's identifying colour – almost all the publicity has been largely red. But now we had to differentiate three seasons and the festival. So, to brighten the publicity up and give the festival a distinctive look, I introduced a bright yellow. The idea was to make the publicity stand out on shelves and posters leap out of windows.

This year was Litfest's 30th anniversary, so we tried to harken back a little to a bit of a punk-rock DIY aesthetic with the reading characters looking a little rough around the edges, like a photocopy. But the layour needed to be clean and readable, as usual, and accessible to the festival's core audience.

The right hand page above publicises the festival's final event, a spoken word event which will result in an online ep which will be available at soon.

And below is the back cover with the calendar of events, neatly laid out so you can find the show you want to go to. The open spread advertises two special events, one for The Midland book, and the other for a Litfest programme of continuing professional development.

Below are the posters designed for the Waterstones shop on King Street in Lancaster. Again, big, bold and attention seeking. Photo by Jonathan Bean.

And one quad poster posted outside the main venue, the Dukes (also taken by Jonathan, who might also be the model for the character on the poster).