Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Peacock Boy, Boojum

Peacock Boy is a newly devised play based on a Cypriot folk tale and produced by Boojum theatre company. I was approached to produce the publicity for the play by Director Chris Bridgman. Initially I produced an attractive poster using a puppet from the show, but Chris wanted something grittier, more adult, a little sleazy. Working with images of peacock tails (you wouldn't know how insubstantial they are until you start trying to cut them out of an image) and the slightly provacative naked man to produce what I think is a quite striking, arresting image.

The show has more dates to come, including 13-15 November at the Contact Theatre in Manchester, and 20 November at Unity, Liverpool, where you can pick up a programme which I also had the opportunity to design.

You'll note there are some changes to the image. The difference in scale (the posters were A3 and A0) and the fact that the image wraps to the back of the programme booklet required some changes to the peacock image, mostly knocking the white tale back a bit and adding a black layer, to work to the new size and scale. I also wanted to nudge it a bit further down and line of darkness and grittiness. The insides, after much too-ing and fro-ing with the cast, contains biogs of the company and a short piece by writer Crystal Stewart about the show, all in a dark grey on a background of the tail. I'm hoping this creates a lush layering of greys which reflect the sultriness of the cover. Booklet, 4 pages of A4, folded.

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