Monday, January 26, 2009

Faith Book Cover (Martin Stannard, Shadowtrain books)

Above is the third book from Shadowtrain Books, Martin Stannard's collection of poetry, Faith. the cover illustration is by artist Charlotte O'Connor, and the design is in keeping with previous designs for Shadowtrain's previous books, Annie Clarkson's Winter Hands and Rupert K Loydell's ex catalogue. For me, the key element of this style is the balance of author and title. With the previous books, we kept to a simple, single image on a monotone background. However, the author chose this image, which we had to work harder to fit in the overall design. Inside, however, we used a serif font (Baskerville) in Faith as it seemed to fit the work better than a sans.

Well done to Ian Seed at Shadowtrain again for publishing another top quality book off his own back. Ian also has his own book out. Anonymous Intruder has been published by Shearsman, and you can read a review here.