Monday, April 27, 2009

Jenn Ashworth's All Stood Together

Late last week Jonathan at Litfest posted most, if not all, of Litfest and Flax's publishing output up on the writing social media space, scribd. Since then, the books, posters and what not have received a pretty good number of hits, the recently published Unsaid, Undone, for example, has been viewed 43 times in the last five days. Jenn Ashworth's All Stood Together poster (designed by yours truly) has been viewed a whopping 1500 times and counting in the same period.

Jenn's lovely very short fiction is one of six posters Flax published last November all of which can be viewed on the Poster Commissions page of Litfest's site. There are three poems and three short stories. If you like them you can download the A3 printable versions and print them at home – yep Flax are giving them away. And two are available for purchase.