Monday, October 5, 2009

North West Playwrights web launch

Congratulations to Chris Bridgman and the rest of the North West Playwrights team on the recent launch of their new website. I'm sure there was a lot of hand wringing and heated discussions, but it looks like the results are great. The site was designed by Chameleon Interactive, who look like they do a lot of work in the arts and charity sectors.

I really like that the site is blank slate with style, so it will grow as the organisation adds content and will be flexible to carry whatever type of content they put up there. It shows a good development team that can put the urge to over design aside to create something useful for the organisation.

And now for the self-promotion. North West Playwrights asked me to produce a flyer for the launch event for the website. My approach was to give a sneak peak of the site through plain brown wrapping. Chris Bridgman felt a little more should be revealed, so before an after images below.