Friday, November 13, 2009

Unsaid Undone in print

At some point in the development of Flax book's range of digital anthologies, a decision was made to re-purpose the, to offer a de-digitalised version. The digital versions were still given primacy, published first and the navigation marks left in place, but they would be printed so the audience could read them in bed, or in the bath. From Flax017, Unsaid Undone, I began designing the anthologies with this in mind, keeping them within the bounds of an A3 folded sheet so the text would remain at a decent font size. Above is the cover and below an in side spread featuring John Siddique's half title page, and the back cover.

Flax018, The Crowd Without, has also been printed this way and I'm told it is equally successful, but alas I've not had a chance to see it yet.

Both books can be purchased online, download or downloaded to be printed at home (if you have an A3, double sided printer) from the links above.