Sunday, October 1, 2006

Square Cuts, Flax digital anthology postcards

Another blog entry, another completed bit of work. This time it is for flaxbooks, the new publishing imprint by Lancaster's litfest.

I worked closely with Sarah Hymas on this one, producing 8 postcards using litfest's colour pallette we'll be using to help establish a new identity over the next while. While keeping to the basic colour and font elements, we wanted to move away from a slightly more conservative litfest look and try something with a bit more interaction between the images and the text.

The basic style, the paper on the solid colour background and the authors name, will be repeated in the anthology itself to establish a digital style for these publication. the little flax flower logo and number will be an ever present on all publications, thought the flaxbooks might well be demoted to the back page of print publications.

The digital anthology itself will be available from November 18 from and will include work from Jane Eagland, Ian Seed, Peter Wild, Hendryk Korzeniowski, Lynne Alexander, Andrew Michael Hurley and Mollie Baxter.

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