Monday, January 8, 2007

Francis C Scott Charitable Trust

The Francis C Scott Charitable Trust is an organisation which helps fund some excellent causes, primarily focussed on under 19 year olds and families, in Cumbria and North Lancashire. Some while ago they contacted me to produce a triennial report for them, a fantastic opportunity. The logo/identity work was done by another designer, Caroline Barasford, who had been working with the Trust for a few years before moving on from the freelance dream.

Above is the understated cover we produced, after a cover with a monochrome blue bird sitting on the bottom right. The key to this project is that the result should look stylish and professional, but not stand out .. understated being the key word.

And above hear is one of the spreads. The report was written to highlight some of the best projects the Trust funds, but rather than bragging about funding it, Trust Director Chris Batten decided to write about the projects, the people, how they managed to set up and what they want from funding bodies. It is an excellent idea that really comes off and makes the report much more than a mere report, it makes it a document of success of these projects in trying funding-times.

The report in its entirety is available from the FCSCT Trustees page. The site was designed by Caroline, though I'm now updating it.

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