Sunday, December 3, 2006

Shadow Train books, book cover

Speaking of Ian Seed, he has a start up publishing venture called Shadowtrain, with website and everything. His first publication was Ex Catalogue, prose poems by Rupert K Loydell. I did the cover, through Litfest. My final version is below. However, it was published in greyscale due to some printing complications. You can see it (and perhaps buy it) here

I think it is a shame to have lost the single very dark blue pantone, but hey, its still a nice cover and hopefully selling well.

Back in 1985, my mother and soon to be stepfather moved to a place in North Vancouver, my final home in the suburbs. Today, they have moved back to Lynn Valley, where I grew up, indeed mere metres away from the elementary school we three kids went to. If you are reading this, hope the move went well.

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