Monday, July 21, 2008

Applause Theatre

After months of part-time heart ache, the website for Applause Theatre (plays for school children by theatre professionals) is live.

The design started with a cover for the organisation's third play for school children, A Winter Woodland Tale. I had in mind those little cookies we used to get as kids, coated with a hard, brightly coloured icing on top. So its a candy coloured extravaganza, really.
I decided to create to school children characters, amongst the few illustrations I've done in years. They were adapted for each play and the style used for the biography page as well. My self-portrait as designer is a doffing of a hat to Berke Breathed's Bannana 2000 in the Bloom County cartoon.
For the site, I took the illustrations and coated them with a little more icing sugar.

I'll post the covers at some point as well, bu in the mean time, why not check out the website,
Thanks to Lesley Anne and John for the patience on this one. We got it out hours after the first phone call of a teacher interested in looking at the plays, shame it was after.

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