Thursday, June 11, 2009

t-shirt Designs

I recently spent a few days working up some designs to submit to Ltd Ink's launch of a new series of t-shirts. Sadly I designed for adults and the ones they chose were a bit younger, perhaps, so none were picked (I'm sure there are other reasons as well).
Above is one I designed working from a photo taken from Kate Rawles Carbon Cycle (with permission, of course) webiste (which I designed a few years back). Wind Power is Beautiful, Baby is a celebration of the elegant technology of the Wind Turbine.

In the Glory of the Beest is another photograph based one, just a lovely image, I think. Initially it was to be The Love Beest, with a big heart, but I decided I preferred the rays of sunshine.
Below are two more joking ones, Ernesto's Original Argentinian Bar and Grill and Molotov's Cocktail Bar, imagining what Cold Warriors might have ended up doing had they not been Cold Warriors. They go along with Big Ron's Seven Step Program for Failed Actors and The Dulles Brother's Fruit Stand.

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