Thursday, November 23, 2006

Square Cuts, Flax001 digital anthology now available

Finally, after lots of work by Sarah Hymas and various people at Litfest in Lancaster, Square Cuts is available. It is a free download, a whopping 48 pages of some excellent new writing from the North West of England. I'm partial to Ian Seed's prose poems.

We were trying to make a pdf that wasn't just a book that happens to be online, but somethng different, an experience unique to an online book. In the anthology, if you have adobe acrobat (a free download) or something similar, you'll find easy navigation, page to page or from the table of contents, links to podcasts of the authors reading the texts and links to profiles. We've tried to make the text areas as similar to a traditional book as possible, using a nice, serifed font (Nexus Serif). And then bold, rich colours for the background. When you open the pdf it should launch as a full screen (don't panic, you can get out of this mode by hitting the escape button). In full screen the text should be readible.

I'd be interested in comments on how anyone reading it found it.

You can download it by clicking Square Cuts

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