Friday, December 7, 2007

Bright Artistic Minds (Lancashire Youth Arts Audit)

Some time ago I was contracted to work, along with Maya Chowdhry and Paul Hartley, to work with a group of young people to produce a report of their Youth Arts Audit, looking into the provision of arts in the county and what young people wanted in their areas.

The report is worth looking at on two levels, the first is the results, which at times surprised me and will challenge the conception of arts and arts provision for young people . The second is the process. This was very much a young person led process. Working on the report, we handed over decisions to them and just made it work, and I understand that is how the audit worked as well. This is their report, and it is very good.

I did the design and web work, working in workshops with the 'clients' (a dozen or so young people, from 12-18) to pull together ideas and start building something both appropriate, a little challenging to the adult viewer, and fun. Below is the splash page, but there is so much more, including video and music, at BAM!, check it and see.

the young people we worked with were great. In particular I'd like to thank David from Wyre, Frances from Preston (reluctantly), and Zeba from Preston, though everyone was great and I found them all refreshing, challenging and honest, great for a grumpy old cycnic like myself.

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