Friday, December 7, 2007

Litfest 2007

Litfest 2007 has been and gone and as usual it was busy and like last year, quite successful.

Below is a photo of the local Waterstones window with the 5ft tall posters. The photos are taken by Jonathan Bean which I manipulated. The banner was the identity for the festival and seemed to work. One of these posters was more or less stolen (demanded and taken away) as they were being taken down at the end of the festival, we are hoping the culprit a) isn't the model stalker and b) will return it for our archives.

Below is the pre-brochure leaflet (from it's proof), inside on the left, outside on the right and the big photo is Sarah Hall, or Carhullan Army and The Electric Michelangelo fame. And below that is a flyer for the mighty Linton Kwesi Johnson, who was amazing to see, such a powerful performer and poet.

And finally the cover of the brochure itself (again photo by Jonathan Bean)

Thanks to Penny Darby, the marketing officer for Litfest, and the rest of litfest for allowing and helping me to do this again. Despite the fun and games of trying to get something like Litfest organised, the design can be great fun and I'm pretty proud of the results.

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